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Frequently Ask Questions

What is a private villa?
A private villa is a property with its own secluded space on a stunning location that is for the exclusive use of guest/s looking for a complete privacy. Private villas are designed with luxury interiors, modern facilities and has their own dedicated team of staff.

Is there a minimum nights requirement to rent a villa?
Yes, there is. Depends on which villa you choose, normally its between 2-3 nights requirement.

Are meals included on villa rental?
Some villas include breakfast on the rental price offer. Meals are not included on the villa rental. Unless mention on the inclusion as a special offer by the property.

Is there air conditioning in the villa?
ALL villas in Thailand and Spain, listed in our website have air conditioning in the living room and bedrooms.

Is there wifi/internet available throughout the villa?
ALL villas listed in our website have Wifi available all throughout the villa.

Is smoking allowed in the villa?
Indoor (living room, bedroom, bathroom, study, cinema) smoking is NOT allowed. Ashtray’s are available outdoor.

Can I bring extra additional guests after the booking has been made?
Kindly check the maximum allowed occupancy of the villa you book. Please be aware that you will be charge for an extra additional guest per night.

Are children allowed in the villa?
Yes, children are allowed in the villa. Some villas have children facilities and amenities.

Is there any staff service in the villa?
Each villa listed in our website, has its own dedicated team of staff. Some villas have full time staff service of private chef, butler, manager and housekeeping.

Can we celebrate a special occasion during our stay in the villa?
Yes, you can celebrate special occasion at the villa. Depending on how big the celebration and if you have additional guests during this special celebration, there will be extra cleaning fee or event fee.

Is party or event allowed in the villa?
Some villas accept party and some villa do not. This depends on what kind of party or event and how big the party pr event will be.

Who cleans the villa during guests stay?
Each villa in our website has its own housekeeping service.

How safe if the property at night? Is there a security system in the villa?
Each private villa is located on a private estate, there is a 24hour estate security. Each villa also has their own security system with CCTV, security alarm or stand by staff in the property.

Is Damage Security Deposit required on check-in?
Yes, its required. Some villa, you can pay the Damage Security Deposit cash in any major currency upon check-in or by credit card authorization.

Incase of emergency who do we contact?
During your stay in the villa, you will be given the direct contact number of the villa manager. For last minute booking and last-minute booking cancellation due to unforeseen events, contact our reservation at

I prefer to speak to someone when I make a booking inquiry or reservation. Is this possible?
Yes. Kindly check our contact information on this link:

How far is the villa to the beach?
This depends on which villa you choose to book or enquire. Some villas are absolutely beachfront, some can be walking distance and some you would need a transportation. We can assist with the exact distance and directions from the villa to the nearest beach, once you find the one that interest you.

Is there any nightlife, shopping areas, restaurants close to the villa?
This depends on which villa you choose to book or enquire. Private villas are located on an exclusive and secluded estates away from busy street noises. We can assist with the exact distance and directions from the villa to the nearest nightlife, shopping areas and restaurants, once you find the one that interest you.

Are there any hidden fees that I should be aware of?
There are no hidden fees on the villa rental price we propose. In fact, seasonal rates or any promotional rates are given directly from us by the villa management to you. We also do not charge booking fee’s.

Do I need to pay if I want to place a hold on the date while I discuss with my family?
Normally, most villa owners would allow you to reserve the villa and hold the dates you wish to book between 24hrs to 72hrs, while you discuss with your family and friends. On this stage, you do not need to pay just to hold the dates.

How to confirm a reservation?
Simply, let us know which villa interest you and we will advise the process of payment and booking confirmation.

Do you have concierge service?
Yes, we do have. We offer a complimentary personalized concierge assistance and give you the best advice as to which tours and activities would suit you the best base from your budget and requirements.

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